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About us

With over 24 years of experience, Total Green Services understands what it means to provide a consistent cleaning service that’s safe for surfaces, better for your health, and friendly to the environment.

A Green, Authentic, Philanthropic Commitment

Total Green Services is a full-service cleaning and maintenance company that serves a wide range of facilities. We specialize in green, eco-friendly products, and excellent customer service. Using the latest in thermal screening, electrostatic sprayers, and total infection prevention technology, our methods go beyond your basic cleaning needs.

Total Green Services operations date back to 1996, when two staff members determined to make the world a better place by promoting eco-friendly, green cleaning. They wanted to ensure that your safety and health were not compromised. Since our inception, our expertise has grown by personalizing our services to fit the needs of our clients. Our teams use the most effective cleaning products and solutions on the market and dedicate the time to make each detail shine. Total Green Services is committed to making the world a cleaner, greener place.

And that’s not all! Since the start of Total Green Services 24 years ago, we have been dedicated to giving back. We do that by providing clean water, food, clothes, shoes, and shelter globally to those in need. Through our cleaning services, we have made a wider impact. We’ve had the opportunity to build eight water wells throughout villages in the Central African Republic. These provide sustainable access to clean water, transformational sanitation principles, and improved agricultural resources. We are not only dedicated to making our own environment a better place; we promote a philanthropic mission to give a hand to everyone who needs one.