Atlanta Commercial Construction Cleaning Services

Commercial Construction Cleaning Services

Atlanta Commercial Construction Cleaning Services

Atlanta is a thriving and vibrant city where there’s always something going on. Construction plays a major role in this metropolis, from Centennial Olympic Park that today houses the Georgia Aquarium and its 120,000 marine species, to the World of Coca-Cola and the Atlanta Botanical Garden. Whether the construction is revitalizing a previous building for a new use or creating a brand-new development, it’s a vital industry.

If there’s one thing that’s true about construction, however, it’s that it tends to be messy. Even after construction is done and the debris is removed, there’s still a lot of mess to clean up to make the new building ready to be habitable. That’s where the right cleaning company comes into the picture. When new structures in this area are in need of Atlanta commercial construction cleaning services, they turn to the trained, expert specialists at Total Green Services.

Protecting Your New Construction

We live in a world where pathogens are a legitimate concern. From the novel COVID-19 virus to other bacteria, viruses and even mold, these insidious invaders can present a real danger, even to new structures. These invisible enemies can travel on skin, clothes, boots and even breath. To make sure that your new property is completely safe and sanitary for the new clients to move in, it’s important to have a cleaning company that knows the ropes and how to properly clean and sanitize.

At Total Green Services, we provide Atlanta commercial construction cleaning services that will ensure that every nook, cranny, crack and surface (including the undersides) are totally free from viruses, bacteria, mold and a wide range of pathogens.

Our infection-prevention and elimination process works through an eco-friendly cleaning solution, electrostatic sprayers and other solutions, and equipment certified by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Environmental Protection Agency and the Food and Drug Administration. Our cleaning solution attaches to viruses and coats them, rupturing the cell through the membrane. This destroys them while ensuring that they can’t replicate or reproduce.

It works in as little as one minute, and we’re one of the few companies around that can make that claim. Combined with other ongoing cleaning and sanitary practices, it’ll help ensure a safe experience at your new property.

Helping You Stay Green

Green construction is huge right now, and for good reason. We all have a responsibility to take care of this planet we share, and using sustainable construction materials and procedures helps us to do that.

Total Green Services is here to help you continue that through your final construction cleaning in Atlanta. We take great pride in being eco-friendly, using only the best bio-based products certified by the United States Department of Agriculture, UL EcoLogo-certified equipment and sanitizers approved by the CDC.

TGS believes that it’s vital to stay natural. We also know there are eco-safe cleaners that are every bit as effective as chemical cleaners but will protect you, your new clients and tenants, and your property.

This can be done while still leaving a spotless, sanitary surface behind. When you call on TGS for construction cleaning in Atlanta, you’re doing your part to make a better world.

The TGS Process

Every construction site is different and unique. It’s important to have someone in your corner who is ready to listen to your concerns. Total Green tailors our cleaning services with a custom cleaning schedule for your specific needs. We use a four-step process that enables us to build the perfect cleaning service for you.

1. Initial Call and Consult

We have three ways you can get in touch with us: via email, phone, or app. Even if you need an emergency service, we’re ready to respond quickly. When we first meet, we’ll sit down for a free consultation where we’ll learn about you and discuss your needs. We’ll explain our process and answer all your questions and concerns. This helps us understand and build a process specifically for you and then take it a step above and beyond.

2. Developing the Process

Next, we’ll put together a specific process that’s built around your needs. This process will be in writing and intricately detailed. You’ll know at a glance everything we’ll be doing and when, from the time you can expect our highly trained specialists to arrive, to the specific equipment we’ll be using and when we plan to complete the job and lock up the building on our way out. You will have peace of mind knowing the entire process upfront in writing.

3. The Actual Cleaning

After you sign off on the process agreement, we can get to work! We’ll show up when scheduled and take care of the entire cleaning, step by step. We use a special color-coded process to differentiate the towels, mops and other gear to be used in specific areas to avoid any issues with cross-contamination. When we’re finished with the job, the site will look brand new.

4. Ongoing Partnership

Our partnership doesn’t have to end with the initial cleaning. TGS can continue, if you like, to perform regular cleaning services. We offer regular reports and white-glove inspections of every corner and crevice. We make sure that the place stays clean and fresh into the future. This is what we mean by going a step above and beyond. We’ll be your partner in cleaning as long as you need us to be there.

Detailed Commercial Construction Cleaning

When you work with Total Green Services, you’re getting an unprecedented level of attention to detail. Other companies just don’t offer service like this. We’ll hit every last hidden area of your structure to be sure it’s every bit as new and fresh as it looks. We’ll tackle air diffusers, lighting fixtures, window sills, molding, cabinets, windows, restroom fixtures, floors, carpets and more to ensure that every surface is clean and disinfected.

To get started with your detailed Atlanta commercial construction cleaning services, call Total Green Solutions today at 888-983-0559.

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