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As the capital of Georgia, Atlanta has a responsibility to put its best foot forward for the state at all times. From amazing cultural institutions like the National Center for Civil and Human Rights and the Martin Luther King Jr. National Historical Park to media giants like CNN Studio Tours, pop culture sites like the World of Coca-Cola Museum, and sea life at the Georgia Aquarium at Centennial Olympic Park, there are tons of iconic things to see and do here.

Of course, in the effort to put one’s best foot forward, you have to provide the best presentation. That means keeping your floors spotless. A clean floor makes the difference between an experience your customers will never forget and something that detracts from their overall impression. Whether it’s for a basic face-lift, a major removal of stains and grime, or just improving the feel of the place, those in need of Atlanta commercial floor cleaning services know they can count on the professionals at Total Green Services.

Total Green Services: Atlanta Commercial Floor Cleaning

Why choose Total Green Services for Atlanta commercial floor cleaning? We have been in service for nearly a quarter century in this region, serving a wide range of customers from small mom-and-pop businesses to major companies.

We tailor every single operation to the specific needs of the businesses we serve because we don’t believe in a cookie-cutter approach. Our mission is to give you exactly what you need and then take it a step above and beyond. We have a long legacy of quality service.

In addition, we believe it’s our obligation and responsibility to take care of this world we all share. That’s why everything we use — from vacuums to cleaning solutions — is completely eco-friendly. That means when you choose us for your commercial floor cleaning in Atlanta, you’re doing what’s right for the planet as well as your business. Eco-friendly cleaning materials aren’t just right for the environment, however. Overall, they’re healthier for your visitors. With TGS, you can feel good about having the cleanest floors and the healthiest, safest environment for your customers.

Attacking Pathogens

Did you know that pathogens like the COVID-19 virus can travel on shoes? It’s true! Your visitors can track viruses, bacteria, germs, mold and other pathogens into your business, where they can transfer to other surfaces or even guests. When you sign up for a cleaning service, it’s important to find one that can also eliminate these dangerous invisible invaders.

Total Green Services floor cleaning in Atlanta will do just that. We use cleaning solutions approved by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to eliminate pathogens right at the source. In as little as one minute, the pathogens will be stopped cold in their tracks, unable to replicate or spread and completely eliminated. No one has a faster virus kill claim than us.

Our cleaning solution covers and attaches to viruses, bacteria, mold and pathogens (including COVID-19) and ruptures the cell membrane. This enables the chemical to enter and destroy the cell while ensuring it cannot replicate or spread.

We make sure to cover all surfaces to guarantee that harmful toxins are eliminated in just one minute. This will ensure that with your ongoing cleaning efforts, your clients and visitors will have a completely safe and secure experience in your facility.

A Commitment to Service

Another reason to choose Total Green Services for your commercial floor cleaning in Atlanta is that we have a commitment to community service, and not just in the city, but also globally. We support a wide range of institutions and nonprofits designed to provide the five essential services to everyone: shelter, shoes, clothes, food and clean water. We have supported, and continue to support, such notable organizations as:

  • Refuse to Do Nothing
  • Mudlove
  • Autism Speaks
  • Best Buddies International
  • CURE Childhood Cancer
  • CHRIS180
  • Weighted Blankets
  • Alzheimer’s Association
  • Food Allergy Awareness
  • Sole Hope
  • Pillowcase Dresses
  • Clean Water Project
  • And many others!

How We Work

At TGS, our mission isn’t just to provide what you ask for — it’s to give you everything you need, and then take it a step above and beyond. Every service we provide is tailored to your exact needs, developed in close conjunction with you and designed to allow you to follow along every step of the way. We work with a simple four-step process:

Step 1: Your Initial Consult

It all starts when you drop us a line via email or by calling 888-983-0559. We’ll sit down for a completely free consultation to discuss your expectations and needs, and address any concerns you might have. Even if you have an emergency situation, we’re ready to leap into action. You can use our handy app, and we’ll be ready to surpass your expectations.

Step 2: Creating the Proposal

After we work out what you require for the demands of your business, we’ll create a custom proposal that’s built to exceed your needs. This proposal will be in writing and will outline and finalize the full details of your cleaning process. You’ll know when to expect our team, what equipment we’ll be using on-site, the cleaning solutions we’ll use and even what time we expect to finish and lock up your building. This will allow you peace of mind knowing that you’re getting everything you need and allowing you to follow along the whole way.

Step 3: The Cleaning Process

After we agree on the proposal and it’s all finalized, we’ll get to work. We work exactly according to the guidelines in the proposal. In addition, we use only eco-friendly vacuums, cleaning equipment, rinsing, solutions and more. We also use a color-coded system to designate the right mops, towels and gear for each area so that we prevent cross-contamination and make sure everything stays neat and tidy.

Step 4: Ongoing Audits

After we’re done, our partnership with you goes on. We’ll send out auditing teams to deliver weekly or monthly reports with white-glove inspections. We’ll go through thorough checklists developed from your proposal to allow you to track our progress and keep you updated the entire way.

If you’re ready to get started on your Atlanta commercial floor cleaning services, give Total Green Services a call at 888-983-0559 today!

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