3 Cleaning Procedures Every Daycare Needs

3 Cleaning Procedures Every Daycare Needs

3 Cleaning Procedures Every Daycare Needs

If you manage an organization that works with kids, you might ask yourself how often you should clean your environment. Children get sick easily, so it’s important to provide a clean area for them to learn and grow.

From sanitizing your daycare to tidying it on a weekly basis, a cleaning checklist is a must for business owners. If you don’t have one – perhaps the following steps will help you. And if you do, you can check out the tips below to make sure you’re not missing out on those three essential tips.

Step 1: General Interior Cleaning and Sanitization

According to a research done by CBS News, each American child contracts an average of 6.5 colds per year – usually because of germs they encounter at school or in daycares. Toys, eating utensils, linens, and surfaces all carry and spread germs, so disinfecting them should be the top priority of any child-related industry.

To keep the play or working environment sanitized, make sure all surfaces including walls, counters, chairs, and tables are wiped down with disinfectant at the beginning and end of every day by your employees. For toys and eating utensils, have them use a dishwasher, washing machine, or a water and bleach solution for an extra heavy-duty touch.

Cleaning the interior of your building helps reduce the possibility of germs spreading. It also gives your daycare a nice fresh look that will keep you, the kids, and the parents happy. Alternatively, if your employees are busy and you want to keep productivity levels high, you can always hire a professional janitorial team. Those professionals will be able to routinely maintain a clean work environment, and will be better equipped to do so.

Step 2: Duct Cleaning

The ventilation system often goes overlooked in a daycare, but air pollution is actually one of the most common ways children get sick. Young children are especially susceptible to respiratory diseases that originate from mold and dust in the air ducts. You want to do your part to keep the air clean. Your best bet is to find a reliable duct maintenance crew, who will clear out your system in the following steps.

First, the cleaning professionals will turn off the power of your air conditioning system. Then, they’ll remove the covers or grilles over the ducts from the walls. Once the covers are all off, they can clear out the dust, mold, and mildew with their heavy-duty brushes and vacuums. After scrubbing off the mold, they will disinfect the entirety of the vents with sanitizer or soap and water, depending on the need.

Routine maintenance will keep your ducts and air germ-free – perfect for young children and anyone with allergies. Reduce the possibility of those in your facility falling sick, and you’ll be on your way to higher productivity levels and health.

Step 3: Floor Cleaning – Mopping and Carpet Extraction

Once you’re done with your interior and ceiling, don’t forget the floor. If you have tiles, having someone use a water and bleach solution to mop them down is always a safe bet. If you have a carpeted floor, make sure it is vacuum daily to ensure all the dust and grime stay out.

You’ll want to have a carpet extraction team come in once every three months. A regular vacuum won’t be able to remove all the residing germs, bacteria, insects, and parasites from the carpet, which can build up over time and cause children to fall sick.

You can also buy your own carpet extractor. Just make sure you read the manual carefully – extractors are quite different from vacuums, and some testing should be done before you attempt to use it. When in doubt, however, always ask the professionals. Many janitorial teams have free consultation services, and will be able to tell you what’s the best thing to do.

These are just three basic cleaning procedures you’ll want to know about to keep your daycare clean and sanitized. If you don’t have time, or aren’t sure what to do, it’s always best to call in a team of experts. Those of us at Total Green Services are more than happy to provide you with a free consultation on what you need to keep your environment tidy. Stay clean. Say Total Green!

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